Sarah Palin for VPL

Well, the first thing I did when I heard that Sarah Palin was standing as the Republican candidate for VP was call her up and congratulate her. She laughed about it because she said when John McCain first called her to ask about being VP she thought he was trying it on and talking about her VPL. But once that little matter was sorted out, she was delighted to accept.

Now a lot of people think Sarah is ill informed, or maybe a little provincial. But in an intimate chat over a mooseburger she told me that she 'welcomes all types of white people.'

It is such a relief to at last have a candidate who talks the plain honest truth about the fact that human beings were created by God. And she is particularly blessed because Bristol is at present carrying the Messiah and will soon be having a virgin birth.

God bless this country. Palin is fully qualified to carry the intellectual baton that W. Bush has passed onto her.

This is a new dawn for the Republican Party. They should put their troubles behind them. Time was it was impossible to find a good impersonator for Dubya outside the animal world. But thank God for Tina Fey who will impersonate Palin with pride and make millions in the process.