Nice day at the orifice?

Sex workers and their supporters protest in front of City Hall in celebration of International Sex Workers' Rights Day in San Francisco, California March 3, 2008. Dozens of sex workers marched to demand the decriminalization of adult prostitution, securing social recognition of sex work as a valid profession and establishing sex workers' right to self-determination. The movement started in India in 2001 when 25,000 sex workers mobilized together to raise awareness of the violence directed at sex workers and their lack of rights.

When I see these sorts of protests by sex workers, of course I believe that they should have rights and not be criminalized, but mostly I think, why the hell are you doing such a dehumanizing job? I mean, sure, I can see why people do it if they are coerced, in the third world where there are no other economic alternatives and even in the first world if you are addicted to drugs or down on your luck, but why not pull out once you are back on your feet? The erotic masseuse, Slutty McWhore, says she does sex work for the money. In her post, If teachers were paid better, then we wouldn't have to become hookers! she talks about how she is thinking of becoming a teacher because she is pissed off at clients asking her for discounts:

"I am always disgusted when someone asks me for a discount. I feel like yelling "You want a discount for ME? ME? ME?!!! Me who has so much fucking passion, and love, and intelligence, and so many dreams, so much of everything! You have got to be fucking kidding!" That sounds arrogant but, ach, what the fuck do I care?! You need to have a large ego to avoid being ground down in this business."

Okay, I feel sorry for you Slutty, but really, your punters just treat you as a sperm eliminating machine, not a person, so why wouldn't they try and get the cheapest deal possible?

And forget about the made up memoirs about happy go lucky college educated call girls. I would love to have this Denver Escort I found on craigslist write a genital warts and all book about her experiences. I found this rant very illuminating. I had assumed that men go to escorts simply to relieve themselves when they have become tired of beating their meat. But according to this escort, most men pretend they are on a date with you, want to make you come etc. Most bizarre! I didn't realize men were quite so self-deluding.

Apparently many of the guys even give her head due to some bizarre need to please, and eighty per cent are terrible at it. This is one of the worst descriptions of oral sex I have ever heard of and I hope to God she gave them some feedback.

"Pussy Eating….for the so-called “experts” Rule #1 Don’t spead my lips apart with your hands so far that they tear the inner soft skin on the vagina….how about I pull your pee hole in two different directions…hmmm?? It would rip the sides…wouldn’t it ?fuck stick?? Rule #2 Don’t suck my clit and labia up into your mouth and catch it on your teeth…..lets say I rake my teeth over your cock? Wouldn’t that feel great?? Rule #3 Keep your tounge on the top or the bottom. The middle of my vagina is my pee hole…I don’t know about you but tounging my pee hole is NOT a turn on….it burns. Rule #4 Lick on TOP of the hood not under. There are 4,000 neves on my clit and it feels WAYYYY to sensitive. Kinda like your cock, JUST after you cum. With that said 80% of guys really really give bad head. That is just my personal observation.
If you ask to extend in the middle of a session, because you are just IN LOVE with me…as most usually are…then make sure you have enough to cover the time used buddy! You can’t refund my time asshole, and just because I didn’t want to get up and talk about business when you asked to extend in my compromising position…don’t take advantage of it and bring less then you think you will spend! Dumb shits…"

Also, how could you do sex work where you have to have sex with a guy with a gimpy arm? The Denver Escort says:

"Why is it I expect the worst when a client walks in or I show up? Ok so you have a gimpy arm that is shorter then the other arm with knubs for fingers and a bit deformed. Even your elfish body and rounded chest sets you apart from other guys. You need love too. Since no one but me will fuck ya, I go at it bravely. But why WHY WHY do you have to be so creepy with that arm? I tried to ignore it, and you then proceed to touch me with it and call them your “special fingers” and then shove your knubly deformed half fingered hand into my vagina trying to ‘pleasure’ me. Not only does that creep me out, but it really makes me wonder what karma I have put out for you to show up at my door. Why must I be punished? Therapy…I need it…"

Personally, I just get so tired of people thinking that prostitution is a valid line of work to get into. Also, I think that pornography is exploitative to women on so many levels. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I think of the people in porn movies as people rather than just orifices, and even if it turns me on, I often think, why are you doing this?

There are lots of reasons for women not to be prostitutes/not do porn, but one of the most persuasive is that women are much more susceptible to STDs than men. In some developing countries, health clinics have found as many as 10-20% of women to be infected with STDs. The sexual transmission of STDs is more efficient from men to women than from women to men. Women are therefore much more susceptible than men to contracting STDs. For example the nice middle class French porn star, Melissa Lauren, who was once a cook and now works for Marc Dorcel Productions has, during her career contracted chlamydia twice and once suffered from a pelvic inflammatory disease.

So what do you think? Why do intelligent women become sex workers or porn stars? And go on, Slutty, let me have it with both barrels.