Hard Working Degenerates

When I heard that the foppish Brit Sebastian Horsely had, hilariously, been banned from entering the US for a book tour promoting Dandy of the Underworld because of his "moral turpitude" I immediately had to read it, and what fun it is.

Dandy in the Underworld Dandy in the Underworld by Sebastian Horsley

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Sebastian is a hard working degenerate. He's done it all with bells on, including rolling in his own excrement and dating psychotic Scottish ex-murderers, as well as the more mundane quaffing of heroin and crack. Also, at some point he realized he was useless at sleeping with 'normal' women so started using prostitutes up to four times a week. Next he dabbled in being a rent boy, but had to give it up when a woman as fat as a whale wanted him to do her and he ran into the night screaming. How the hell does he look reasonably healthy after all that?

The thing about degenerates that's always puzzled me is, how the heck do they keep going? In Horsley's case the simple answer was a trust fund, but even if you have the cash, doesn't taking huge amounts of drugs make you feel like total shit? Plus, meaningless degenerate sex is only a novelty the first few hundred times, surely? After that it's probably as repetitive as well, monogamy. So good on ya Sebastian, for keeping going!

Actually, this form of British individualist/degenerate is pretty prevalent. I would argue that is is because in the UK everything has to do with class and if you are born upper middle class (like Sebastian) it matters not a whit what you do with yourself after that, you simply consider yourself a 'somebody'. You can be idle and still middle class. It is totally different in the US where you are granted a certain class status solely based on the amount you earn or because of your profession. Certain professions make you middle class.

In this way the UK is the total opposite to the US and I think it will stay like that for many a moon. The reason the US is such a successful economy is mostly because the people work like absolute dogs as opposed to the Brits who don't have quite such a strong work ethic. Now, I for one applaud the British system, which, while not exactly good for the economy means that it will always produce nut cases like Horsely to amuse and delight our sensibilities.