Disadvantaged kids get second chance

Amanda after surgery...no longer disadvantaged

It's not often that I am moved by a story but this one really did it for me (watch clip here).

Imagine if you will, the torture of being 15 year old Amanda, who had DD breasts. She was teased mercilessly. "Some of my friends thought I was making intentional cleavage when I wasn't," she says. I cried, I actually cried when I heard her say that.

The situation was obviously desperate. Amanda suffered the indignity of large breasts. It was time to find someone who cared about her fate. That person turned out to be the lovely Dr Reed, who was more than happy to reduce her breasts down to an acceptable size, and who explains in this interview how "I am giving children who are disadvantaged a chance to be happy." Could any sentiment be sweeter?

But Dr Reed's good work didn't stop there. Oh no. There was an even bigger problem. Yes, you guessed it, Amanda had a centimeter of fat around her waist. As her mom, a very caring lady, explained, everyone in their family has belly fat, so she knew that even though her daughter was "eating less and less" it would never go away. In order to prevent an eating disorder, it was obvious to her mom that Amanda needed lipo.

Once again Dr Reed stepped up to the plate and suctioned off Amanda's belly fat. And while other surgeons might have had ethical qualms about doing this, Dr Reed (thank goodness!) had no problem with doing the surgery, since, as he explains, "not everyone is blessed with the right looks."

God bless you Dr Reed and may you do many more such life saving operations on disadvantaged children! Thanks to caring surgeons like you, more than a quarter of a million teens will get plastic surgery every year and no longer be disadvantaged.