Fugly Rumers

Trading Down?

As news ricocheted through the fashion world that Kate Moss has just been dropped from her Agent Provocateur modelling contract and replaced by a 20-year old called Alice Dellal, I realized we were on the wave of a new trend that kicked off with Amy Winehouse's Crack Chic look and has been gathering momentum ever since.

Now, I know some people think Kate's too thin, and maybe she is, but I think her bone structure is to die for and that she's really beautiful. Not that I think that Ms Dellal shouldn't have got the contract. But she's - well - yes, she has a strong look, but well, how shall I put this, she's not as pretty is she?

No, I think there's definately a trend for edgier, uglier looking people on the fashion/celebrity scene. And Ugly Modelling Agencies are popping up like pimples on a chin. And frankly, I say if these people can make money by looking, er, unique, then good luck to them.

Who would have thought that an odd-looking bird like actress Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi and Bruce, would ever grace the red carpet? It was pretty unfortunate that she got none of Demi's va-va-voom and plenty of Bruce's chin and then some (maybe he had a gay affair with Desperate Dan)?



But she's working it. Her fugly look is working for her and she's getting noticed:

Fugly Fashions

I am, frankly, confused about the new fugly fashions sweeping the runways. Parents of teenagers are probably very excited as these outfits would reduce any sexy Lolita to a girl who no man would want to touch with a ten foot pole. I'm pretty sure these fashions were designed by those crack pots who run organisations like Born Again Virgins - make yourself pure by donning black woollen socks and formless smocks.

So what do you reckon, are ugly people finally going to get their fifteen minutes of fame? I think, maybe, but that, alas, it's just a fashion trend ....